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High Technology Letters

Volume 25 Issue 2 2019


1. Design and Analysis of Tie-In Connection System Components for Subsea Laboratory

    Keval K. Patil, D. P. Hujare, A. H. Purohit

2. Effectiveness Of Laptop Assisted Teaching On Coping With Side Effects Of Antipsychotic Drugs Among Patients With Schizophrenia

     Ms.Jacquline Devasena,  Dr.S.Santhi , Mrs.G.J.Sara Sapharina

3. Service quality at a.p. Tourism hotels in selected districts: a perspective of SERVPERF model

    Dr.J.Sivaji, P. Venkata Subbaiah

4. Analysis Of Bioactive Compounds In Citrus Fruit Peels

    Amutha.R,Kavusik.T, & Sudha.A

5. Performance Analysis Of Fixed Probabilistic Route Discovery On Aodv And Dsr In Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks

    Dr. S.Kannan, Dr. D. Sumathi, Dr. T. Prabakaran

6. Performance Gain Application By Analyzing, Managing Apps & Their Background Services Depend on Usage of Android: DOT

    Mrs. Kajal R. Bhapkar r, Mr. Kunal B. Kadam, Mr. Sachin A. Deshpande 

7. Therapeutic Compliance among Diabetics Attending Primary Health Centre at Sorancherry

    Dr. Lisy Joseph, Mrs. K. Sathiya, Mrs. S. Nalini

8. Development and Verification of AHB2APB Bridge Protocol Using UVM Technique


9. Experimental Study On Flexural Behavior Of Bacterial Concrete With Internal Curing

    R. Gowrishankar, C. Mohanaselvan, N.Arul

10. Fault Tolerant Parallel FFTs Using Error Correction Codes and Parseval Checks

      Shaik.Imran, Jabeena shaik

11. Implementation of high performance SRAM Cell Through Transmission Gate

      Shaik.Jafar Ameen, Jabeena shaik

12. A 520k (18 900, 17 010) Array Dispersion LDPC Decoder Architectures through NAND Flash Memory

      Shaik.Saiyeeduddin, Jabeena shaik

13. A Study to Assess the Level of Stress Among Mothers of Children Admitted in Pediatric Oncology Ward at Tertiary Hospital

      Mrs.P.VijayasamundeeswariSri, Mrs.S.Nalini, Mrs.S.Umadevi

14. A Review on Pre-Engineered Building design of an Industrial Warehouse

      Anisha T. Goswami, Shalaka Sharma

15. Analysis of Residual Stresses in Welded Joints Prepared Under the Influence of Mechanical Vibration Using FEM

      Mr. P.Lakshminarayana, Mr.Rohini kumar.Ch, Ms.K.Padmaja