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High Technology Letters

Volume 25 Issue 3 2019


1. A study to assess the emotional intelligence among nursing students of selected nursing college in Pune

    Ms.Madhavi Ghorpade, Dr.(Mrs) PrabhaDasila, Dr(Mrs)SripriyaGopalkrishnan 

2. PLC Based Control of Fuel Oil Pump Houses in Thermal Power Station

    Dr. K. Balachander, Dr. A. Amudha

3. A Particle Swarm Optimization Based Load Frequency Control for a Deregulated Power System

    D. Lakshmi, S.Benisha, S.Baskaran, G.Ezhilarasi

4. The Challenges and Opportunities for Entrepreneurs in the Globalised Scenario (A Exclusive Study of Tamil nadu)


5. Design & Development Of Diverter Damper With Improved Heat Dissipation
    Prabhakar S. Chilwante, S. C. Patil

6. Impact of Gender and Age on ethical attitude of managers:A literature Review

    Sanjivani Lokhande, Dr.Ramesh Sardar

7. A study on user perception on branded laptop on e-commerce at chennai
    Suresh V, A.R. Shanmuga Priya, Dr. V.M. Ponniah

8. Static Compensator In Power Quality Improvement For LVTS

    S.Sriragavi, M.Sivaram Krishnan, M.Siva Ramkumar

9. The Review Of Transient Stability Between Shunt And Series Facts Controllers

    Poorinima.S, S.Saranya.S, Porkodi.R, Jayasri.N

10. Effect Of Chip Morphology On Machining Titanium (Ti-6al-4v) Alloy With Uncoated Carbide Inserts Using Response Surface Methodology

      Sivakoteswararao.Katta, Dr.G.Chaitanya

11. Design Of Tall Rcc Building With Gust Factor And Pushover Anaylysis On Etabs

      Utikar Avinash Madhukar, Prof. Hamane Ajay

12. Impact Of Emotional Intelligence And Organisational Success

      Dr. E. Sambasivan

13. Emotional Intelligence On Relationship Marketing: An Exploratory Study On Banking Industry

      Priya S, Shenbagaraman

14.  A Survey On Iot Based Smart Grid Technology

       T.Aravinth, J.Swathi, V.Rajagopal, V.Kasiviswanathan

15. Impact of Sales Promotion on Consumer Buying Behavior towards Colour Television: An Empirical Study

      Dr. D.P. Misra, Dr. S.K. Chaudhury

16. A New Harmonics Elimination Method Applied To A Static Var Compensator

      Ankush A. Kosare`